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"Biotech Brand Boost: Strategic PR & Visual Storytelling for Investment Success" is a comprehensive webinar designed to empower early stage and matured biotech startups with the knowledge and tools to leverage strategic public relations (PR) and compelling visual storytelling to attract investment and enhance their brand presence.

Chapter 1 - Combining Strategic PR & Visual Storytelling to Enhance Your Biotech Brand and Drive Investment.

This chapter delves into the synergy between strategic PR and visual storytelling, highlighting their importance in the biotech sector. Participants will learn the optimal timing for initiating PR and communications planning and understand the pivotal role of PR at various stages of a biotech startup's journey from early development through pre-seed to Series A funding. Discover the direct impact of PR on driving investment and gain insights into five essential steps toward PR and communications readiness.

Chapter 2 - Communications and PR: In-House or Outsourced?

Choosing between in-house and outsourced PR and communications strategies is a critical decision for biotech companies. This chapter provides strategic insights into the benefits and challenges of both approaches, covering expertise, experience, time, and cost considerations. Gain a clearer understanding of which option might best suit your company needs and how to implement you strategy effectively.

Chapter 3 - Why are Visuals as Important as Texts in Life Science Communication?

In the realm of scientific communication, visuals are essential. We will explore the power of visuals in conveying complex biotech messages quickly and effectively. You will learn about the specifics of creating impactful visuals for scientific communication, how to transform scientific visuals into action-driving content, and strategies for repurposing content across different channels. We will also cover fresh trends and ideas for biotech videos and animations, providing inspiration for innovative visual storytelling.

Join us for this informative webinar to unlock the potential of strategic PR and visual storytelling in propelling your biotech brand and attracting your next rounds. Whether you're at the helm of a early stage or mature Biotech startup, these insights will equip you with the strategies to stand out in the competitive biotech landscape.





Chris Caudle

Founder, Make Business Social

Chris is the founder of Make Business Social. Established in 2019, Make Business Social helps pharma, biotech and medtech companies, and their founders, CEOs and senior executives, to raise their visibility, engage and connect with stakeholders and become recognised thought leaders in their field. Make Business Social helps businesses unlock the potential of the LinkedIn platform to achieve their business goals.

Chris has worked in PR and communications for the pharma and biotech industry for 20 years and supported dozens of companies and their teams to develop and grow their business through strategic communications and PR.


Vera Karimova

Founder, V&U content agency

Vera is an award-winning marketer with decades of experience. She has produced countless content assets, shifting gears from ATL to online as the digital era kicked in.

Vera has worked with clients like GSK, P&G, Biore, Disney, and others in the markets of EMEA and APAC. She is always happy to share her expertise in content creation, from script writing to distribution.


Natalia Stetsiuk

Account Executive Director, Nanobot Communication

Nataliia has been working in Communication, Marketing, and Sales for more than 20 years. Since 2021 at Nanobot she has been helping life science companies tune their communications and grow.

Nanobot is a one-stop scientific communication agency, on a mission to help bring to market 100 breakthrough life science ideas by 2030 through compelling communication.

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