Spanios Labs exhibition booth artwork and MoA animation

Demonstarting advantages of Custom Organoid Modelling Platform for Accurate SolutionS (COMPASS). The complex tumor microenvironment of the original patient sample allows us to interrogate complex cellular relationships, activities, communications and beyond.

The Goal

“To create a hero image of the Spanios tumoroid and full booth artwork for the SITC 2023 conference in San Diego”


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MoA Animation

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Booth design

Outstanding animation feature: accurate display of a new modern and complex product

Spanios main product is tumoroid platform, which is highly modern and sophisticated and creates a new way in immuno oncology research, avoiding animal testing.
We have to create fully animated and correct models of tumoroids - small copies of the real tumors but with different structures ~10 various cell types.  That's why we made object blending to achieve cell diversity.
Apart from that, we have to show all basic physiological mechanisms correctly: pH changes, oxygenation, tumor cell death under the influence of drug presence, etc.

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Project in numbers

8 weeks

Duration from the idea to the final delivery .

4 meeting

Communication with client is essential for us. To listen to them and provide with the best result

2 rounds

Two feedback rounds on the production stage


Dean Remy 

Head of Global Commercial Development, Spanios

"I wish to give a sincere thanks to  Nanobot team who generated eye-catching animations and graphics for our website and booth. "

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