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Omnichannel Marketing Support

NANOBOT is a dedicated content partner for leading pharmaceutical companies to support their omnichannel engagement strategies. We create a toolbox of high-end visual assets to ensure consistent communication across various marketing channels.

As a certified VEEVA content partner, NANOBOT manages the medical, scientific, and legal aspects of any content a pharmaceutical marketer might need. We support launch campaigns, develop educational modules and applications, create MOA and MOD animations, produce explanatory and promotional videos, and design sales aids and e-detailers, among other services.

Our comprehensive package covers everything from initial ideation, project conception, and storyboarding to quality control and content delivery.

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MOA/MOD and Explainer Videos

This marketing tool allows us to share knowledge about any disease and bring a pharmaceutical product to life.
MoA and MoD animations have many advantages and can be developed in several different styles to portray a pharmaceutical product in an engaging and visually compelling manner.

Explainer videos 

Explainer Videos serve to elucidate the medical issues to different audiences. These are mostly videos for the general public, including patients. We design them in a less scientific manner and employ creative scenario writers to develop emotive stories. 
It's natural to seek comprehensive knowledge about the disease and treatment options, to learn others’ stories. That’s why sharing knowledge with patients, their families, and society in general is essential to establish trust.

Interactive videos and Apps

Every scientific narrative can be presented interactively. Individuals absorb information and comprehend complex topics more effectively when they engage with them interactively, thus uncovering causal relationships on their own.
We have a lot of options for creating interactive media, ranging from interactive videos,  iPad-based training modules, and touchscreen applications at conferences to virtual reality experiences. Even meticulously crafted PowerPoint presentations can be considered interactive applications. However, amidst all the technological marvels, the user's needs must not be overlooked. Therefore, when crafting interactive content, it is imperative to integrate precise, user-friendly navigation with a thoughtfully designed visual narrative.

Explore our dedicated website focused on  Medical Animation

eDetailing solutions - CLM

eDetailing is a key marketing channel for life science companies. When executed effectively, eDetailing delivers a tailored, high-value experience for healthcare professionals (HCPs). Furthermore, it presents the Pharmaceutical and MedTech industries with a distinctive opportunity to present your product's benefits.


Presentations and Slide decks

eDetailers and different kinds of slide decks are still key marketing tools for pharmaceutical companies. When executed effectively, slide decks deliver a tailored, high-value experience for healthcare professionals (HCPs). 
There are dozens of tools, and each promises to be the ultimate key to creating engaging presentations.

The most commonly requested slide decks in our experience are:

    - PowerPoint decks. Surprised? PowerPoint still maintains its dominance. And you’ll be surprised how cool it can be can be.

    - Interactive e-detailers for platforms like Veeva, Pitcher and IQVIA, supporting each kind of engagement with HCPs and enabling pharma companies to plan and share content, to capture and analyze medical insights.

Nanobot is a VEEVA content partner and can support you both with interactive e-detailers and PowerPoint decks.


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Training and Educational Content

The pharmaceutical sector stands out as one of the globe's most dynamic and meticulously regulated industries. Successful manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of pharmaceuticals necessitate the expertise of highly skilled professionals who possess a thorough grasp of continually evolving regulations and technological advancements. In an industry where patient welfare is of utmost importance, investing in employee training and development is imperative.

Educational Content for Patients 

Pharmaceutical and Medical device companies are working with physicians and surgeons, and they need to be able to provide information to patients about their conditions, as well as how medication or device is used in the treatment process. If physicians have the right information to be able to provide to their patients, it can be a win for everyone.

Internal Training Solutions

Top-notch training is indispensable in the pharmaceutical industry. Given the pivotal role of employees in comprehending and effectively communicating complex scientific concepts, it is essential to provide training that is clear, consistent, and thorough.
Our training tools employ diverse methodologies tailored to individual users' learning stages and objectives. They leverage existing skills and knowledge, enhancing them further to equip employees with the expertise needed to furnish comprehensive information to both internal and external stakeholders.

Educational Content for Doctors

In the ever-changing healthcare arena, the quest for knowledge remains a perpetual journey for healthcare professionals. As technology progresses, digital learning has become a potent instrument for continuing medical education (CME), providing flexibility, accessibility, and interactivity.

Services for Conferences

Our scientific animation resources are super flexible and can be used for lots of things like backgrounds for booths, big touchscreens, iPads, and virtual reality headsets.

We generate high-quality digital content suitable for various platforms within physical booths, including:

- Touchscreens
- Interactive stations
- Augmented Reality
- Virtual Reality
- Immersive experiences
- Holographic displays, and more.

Video production Services for Pharma, Healthcare, and Medical Devices

The industry is increasingly turning to video content such as launch and product campaigns, internal and external training videos, trade fair presentations, award submissions, statements from key opinion leaders (KOLs), patient testimonials, and direct communication to doctors and consumers. This dynamic approach targets audiences through social media and partnerships with research institutions and treatment centers. That's why we specialize in video production for Healthcare, Pharma, and MedTech sectors.

Health Check

Is your Salesforce setup falling short of expectations?

Struggling with issues like data accuracy, user engagement, or system performance? Don't neglect your Salesforce solution - provide it with the attention it needs through our tailored Salesforce Health Check service.


Is your Salesforce configuration causing a financial strain while failing to meet your needs? Now is the perfect opportunity to enhance your Salesforce investment with our tailored expense optimization service.

Training and Support 

Empower your team with our comprehensive training programs, designed to equip users with the skills and knowledge they need to leverage Salesforce effectively. Plus, our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist with any queries or issues.


Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your existing systems and applications to ensure data consistency and streamline workflows across your organization.


From initial setup to customization and integration, we ensure a smooth transition to Salesforce that aligns perfectly with your business processes.

Custom Development

Need specific functionalities or custom solutions? Our skilled developers are adept at building tailored applications and extensions to enhance your Salesforce instance.

Managed Services

Let us handle the day-to-day management and maintenance of your Salesforce instance, allowing you to focus on core business activities while we take care of the technical aspects.

Salesforce consulting 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your unique business needs. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our expert team is here to help you harness the full potential of Salesforce.