Showcasing the next generation of gene writing tools to cure diseases for Integra Therapeutics.

The lead technology is FiCAT, a best-in-class platform geared towards resolving the current limitations on gene writing: size, precision, and stability.
FiCAT combines the precision of CRISPR-Cas and the transfer efficiency of an engineered piggyBac transposase protein with the capability to deliver small and large payloads.

The Goal

“To manifest the advanced therapies in genetic and oncological diseases”


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Our Approach

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Outstanding animation feature: accurately showing the key message

It was important to use a simple 3D animation to scientifically accurately show the key point.
Integra Therapeutic has engineered a machine that can integrate genes of any size into the genome in an efficient and precise manner. The animation shows in detail how the piggyBac transposase inside the cell provides efficient and accurate insertion of the therapeutic gene of almost any size into the genome.

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Project in numbers

6 weeks

Duration from the idea to the final delivery  of the video (38 sec)

4 meetings

Communication with client is essential for us. To listen to them and provide with the best result

2 rounds

Two feedback rounds on the production stage


Avencia Sanchez-Mejias

CEO & Co-Founder at Integra Therapeutics

"I have really enjoyed the creative process of generating this video with the nanobot medical team; they understood our goal and were willing to accommodate our needs. In addition it was a blast working with such a high performance team of women in STEM and design!"

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