Teaser animation to be used during an event for Gero Ai 

Gero is a next-gen AI for drug discovery companies engaged in cutting-edge science. GERO.AI models are originating from the physics of complex dynamic systems.
They combine the potential of deep neural networks with physical models to study dynamic processes and understand what drives the disease.

The Goal

“The animation should provide visual support during an event we are sponsoring. The 45-second promo will be shown as a transition between talks on the main stage and on displays throughout the venue.”


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Our Approach

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Outstanding animation feature: Revealing aging through AI technology

To demonstrate the issue's relevance, we created a shot of a human face that transforms into a digital face. It emphasizes the need to use brand-new technology to address today's problems.

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Project in numbers

15 days

Duration from the idea to the final delivery  of the video (55 sec)

1 meetings

Communication with client is essential for us. We listen to them and provide the best result

2 rounds

Two feedback rounds on the production stage


Alex Kadet

Chief Business Officer at Gero

"I was impressed with their medical 3D animation abilities. The team showed impressive animation skills and delivered the project on time."

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