MOA video on the principle of proprietary technology for BreyeTx

Danegaptide uniquely treats the underlying pathology in patients with diabetic retinopathy, stabilizes intercellular communication, and strengthens both the retina's inner and outer blood barriers, which decreases vascular leakage and protection of capillary structures and helps remove the subretinal fluid.
Oral danegaptide therapy for these clinically proven conditions has the potential to be a more effective and less burdensome oral therapy for patients with diabetic retinopathy.

The Goal

“To develop a 3D animation to communicate the mechanism of action of the drug and the process of treating the pathology.”


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Our Approach

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Outstanding animation feature: achieving the most precise visual effect through a combination of animation techniques

Demonstrated capillaries with endotheliocytes and pericytes, depicting the separation of endothelial cells and the flow of erythrocytes. Describing erythrocyte dynamics was a detailed and time-consuming process, with manual animation ensuring visual accuracy. Proportional vessel narrowing relative to pericytes was achieved through diverse animation techniques.

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Project in numbers

8 weeks

Duration from the idea to the final delivery  of the video (80 sec)

4 meetings

Communication with client is essential for us. To listen to them and provide with the best result

2 rounds

Two feedback rounds on the production stage


Ulrik Mouritzen

Founder and CEO at Breye Therapeutics ApS

"We had a good iterative design process with the team from Nanobot. They were responsive to our input on biological processes and found good solutions for the design. I am very pleased with the result."

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