Scientific animation development for Alamar Biosciences

Alamar Biosciences has developed a novel technology to dramatically improve the detection of low-abundance proteins NULISA.
The use of target barcodes and sample barcodes in the NULISA enables the simultaneous, multiplexed measurements of hundreds to thousands of proteins in an automated, high-throughput manner with minimal hands-on time and low sample values. 
The highly sensitive and specific NULISA is enabling the discovery and analysis of proteins that would otherwise be undetected by current methods.

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The Goal

“To create a visually appealing explainer video, 
unlocking the power of proteomics."

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Project in numbers

3 months

Duration from the idea to the final delivery  of the video (270 sec)

6 meetings

Communication with client is essential for us. To listen to them and provide with the best result

2 rounds

Two feedback rounds on the production stage

Muse awards winning project

Category - Video - Medical


Category - Video - Animation


Category - Video - Technology/Science


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